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In our opinion, guest satisfaction is the primary determining factor for revenue, over the longer term. Given two identical properties, one with high review scores, and the other with average, we’ll see the property with higher reviews substantially outperforming the other.

To this end our primary focus as a business is on ensuring that we have happy guests. We will go through your reviews with you to identify opportunities for improvement, and will ensure that we are highlighting the positive points. 

The real work starts with the operations. Cleanliness, concierge services and high touch hospitality is what will make your property stand out from the market. We know how to give you the best chance of success, having recently been awarded as the best Hospitality Operator in the Middle East & Africa by Altos. More info here.

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Based on feedback from our customers, Nox’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 71, which is in the 100th percentile, way above the NPS industry average of 40.