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Data & Software


Since 2003 Nox has established itself as a market leader in the local vacation rental market.  This gives us a distinct advantage over most of our competitors as we have access to real and relevant data to analyse our historic performance and plan the best way forward.    

Whilst historical data can not predict the future, it helps certainly does allow you to look into it with more certainty.  We use this data to give existing, new and potential partners an accurate window into what they can expect from their properties in the vacation rental market.  This enables us to remove a great deal of uncertainty and give the data needed to make informed decisions.  Knowledge is indeed power and we have accrued a lot of industry knowledge to help empower our partners.  


At Nox, we have a desire to be on the cutting edge of our industry.  With the vacation rental industry still being relatively young in the accommodation sector, there is plenty of growth and product development happening in and around it.  That means numerous opportunities to be able to set ourselves apart from our competition by being the first to seek out and employ these new technological advancements.

Nox has been the local leader when it comes to online distribution, systematic automation, dynamic pricing, noise monitoring, agent engagement, guest insurance, maintenance management software and partner services.  

Technology has assisted us with all these issues and no doubt new products will further improve our ability to deal with industry challenges in the future.  We will be there, ready and waiting for when these solutions are presented to our marketplace.

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Guest Vetting & Insurance

Anyone with experience in the vacation rental industry will have stories of problem guests.  We do our best to prevent rather than cure this problem. We’re the first management company in South Africa to implement guest screening and vetting technology, along with advance damage deposits for every reservation.. All guests are required to upload official identification and we have a system that checks this information and validates it. If we have problem guests anywhere in our portfolio, they’re blacklisted. 

Our staff are in our properties on a daily basis and are the best mechanism for preventing & reporting any potential problems. We also use noise monitoring systems, and in some cases cameras, to ensure that we are warned of any potential issues before they escalate.

Lastly, in the case that there are guest damages, we have a guest insurance product that covers guest damages of up to R20,000,000.

Unique Distribution

Unlike many managers, we do not limit our distribution to only Airbnb and Booking.com. 

Nox properties are listed on more than 45 different OTAs (online travel agencies), with large International Inbound Tour Operators and a vast array of luxury accommodation agencies.

This “multi-channel” approach ensures that we are sourcing both domestic and international guests year round and are not overly reliant on any single market or season.

We are proudly the original South African partner for Marriott Homes & Villas (the largest luxury hotel brand in the world), and have a number of other exclusive supplier relationships. 


We have always worked actively with professional travel operators and destination management experts. This allows us to attract affluent travellers who typically incorporate multi-itinerary travel plans ie. a safari leg and a garden route trip. These guests don’t book on AirBnB, their budgets are generous and they want to incorporate their once in a lifetime African trip with a luxury villa in Cape Town. 

We have 450 trade associates we work with in all of our source markets (US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands etc) and actively market your property to their clientelle.

We also have a large, and growing, database of direct and return guests, who account for  20% to 30% of our bookings.

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We have received a number of awards from TripAdvisor and Airbnb, having been “Rated Excellent” by Tripadvisor for numerous years and have consistently been an Airbnb Superhost.

Internally we use a metric called the “Net Promotor Score”, which ranges from -100 to 100. In hospitality scores of over 40 are considered “Very Strong”. Our NPS goal is 80, and over the most recent year (ending 30 April 2022) we achieved 74. 

In 2021 and 2022, our professionalism and service was acknowledged internationally when we were awarded the Altos Award for ‘Best Hospitality Operator in Africa and the Middle East’. These awards recognise those who continue to excel within certain fields across the short and extended-stay rental market.

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