How we do it

Property Care

With revenue comes a certain amount of wear and tear, but our job is to ensure that your property stays in fantastic condition.


You will have a direct line to your PRO. They are the portfolio manager tasked with ensuring that your property stays well maintained, clean, neat and convenient.

In addition, Nox has Company wide quality controllers, and senior management, to ensure your property is inspected regularly and you get the feedback. From time to time we’ll ask AirBnB Luxe and the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) to provide independent, external inspections on your property.

Maintenance; proactive and reactive

We have industry-leading property management tools to ensure that we are attending to both preventative maintenance, as well as reacting to ad-hoc issues as and when they arise. We also have excellent relationships with a wide range of preferred professional maintenance contractors who ensure that our properties are well taken care of, at preferential rates.

Problem Guests

Anyone with experience in the vacation rental industry will have stories of problem guests.  

We do our best to prevent rather than cure this problem. We’re the first management company in South Africa to implement guest screening and vetting technology, along with advance damage deposits for every reservation. All guests are required to upload official identification and we have a system that checks this information and validates it. If we have problem guests anywhere in our portfolio, they’re blacklisted. 

Our staff are in our properties on a daily basis and are the best mechanism for preventing & reporting any potential problems. We also use noise monitoring systems, and in some cases cameras, to ensure that we are warned of any potential issues before they escalate.

Lastly, in the case that there are guest damages, we have a guest insurance product that covers guest damages at no cost to our Partners of up to R20,000,000.


Our housekeepers are one of the most important assets in the business of hospitality. They are the primary point of contact for guests, and they are on the property just about every day. 

We’ve invested heavily in our housekeeping staff to ensure that they are well trained, and well looked after. Each housekeeper goes through a five-star hotel-level hospitality training course, and we have ongoing training and housekeeper appreciation programmes. They’re also permanently employed by us, and we don’t sub-contract labour nor rely on casual employees. 

This ensures there is accountability between our housekeepers and your property, as well as alignment with service delivery.

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