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Marketing & Distribution

Multi-Channel Distribution

Unlike many managers, we do not limit our distribution to only Airbnb and Booking.com. Nox properties are listed on more than 45 different OTAs (online travel agencies). We are the original South African partner for Marriott Homes & Villas (the largest luxury hotel brand in the World), and have a number of other exclusive supplier relationships, including Plum Guide.

We have always worked actively with professional travel operators and destination management experts. This allows us to attract affluent travellers who typically incorporate multi-itinerary travel plans ie. a safari leg and a garden route trip. These guests don’t book on AirBnB, their budgets are generous and they want to incorporate their once in a lifetime African trip with a luxury villa in Cape Town. 

We have 450 trade associates we work with in all of our source markets (US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands etc) and actively market your property to this unique channel. 

We also have a large, and growing, database of direct, return guests, who account for about 20% of our bookings.

This “multi-channel” approach ensures that we are sourcing both domestic and international guests (who are 70% of our market), but we’re not overly reliant on any single market.

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Marketing Services

In a world governed by the digital world, it is increasingly important to the success of a business to have a strong digital presence. We employ an external digital marketing team of experts to handle this side of the business for us. They are specialists in their field and work tirelessly to ensure the Nox brand is growing in the digital space.

Another aspect of the digital world is social media. Our Social Media Marketing Expert ensures that the Nox brand is showcase to a global audience across platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Part of social media is content creation / influencer marketing which is growing in importance in the travel world. You can read more on our approach on this here.

We also adhere to more traditional marketing channels, such as attending Tourism Trade Shows, short term rental conferences and more. 

Revenue Management

We use a number of different pricing tools to ensure that your property gets the best possible revenue. Each property has a customised pricing strategy within a defined competitor set. 

Pricing is reviewed every day of the year as our tools check market occupancy and raise or lower rates to make sure that we are minimising our chances of sitting empty, whilst ensuring that we are getting the best possible revenue when demand is high.

We have targets in place for each property and do weekly analyses to ensure that each property is correctly priced, and able to reach its annual targets. We’ll report on performance back to you regularly.

Even though we can work within any constraints in terms of minimum stays, floor rates et cetera, we encourage property owners to give us as much flexibility as possible in order to maximise the revenues we are able to generate for you. The revenue expectation is based on having carte blanche on pricing, Instant Book settings enabled and no owner usage of the property. If you would like more control over who stays in your home, speak to us about Rent By Application.

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